Entryway Benches

Entryway Benches

When people think home decor, they think of their living room, dining room, and bedroom. While dining tables and armchairs are important, many overlook an important aspect of any interior design- the entryway. At EuroLuxHome.com, we've got quality, solid wood pieces for this space, whether it's somewhere to sit or entryway storage. A quality Entryway bench provides both. Browse our selection of this amazing entryway furniture here!

Something about this type of furniture makes a statement. Whether it's the understated class they provide, or the ability to blend with the styling of other furniture such as accent tables or bookcases, a quality upholstered bench is a great addition to your entryway. 

Entry Benches at EuroLuxHome.com

Some of our bestsellers are our wood benches from quality brands like Dovetail furniture, perfect for both large and small spaces. These are sturdy pieces, comfortable enough to be a dining bench or piece of living room furniture if you so choose, and are made from solid wood such as walnut and oak. Many have a mid-century modern feeling, while others bring more of a rustic vibe. Some feature upholstery, such as faux leather, to create a comfortable seat cushion. 

Some pieces are tufted, while others feature a nailhead trim. A cubby storage bench could provide accessibility while providing extra seating! Some of these new arrivals would even make a great fit in your modern farmhouse living room or home office. We've got pieces that can match the shelving in your existing foyer, meaning you can match this furniture with shoe racks and coat racks! Also consider putting these in your mudroom, or even bath given the right layout. With quality materials such as acacia and barnwood, you know you're getting a quality piece of furniture. 

Storage Benches

An entryway storage bench is a practical piece of furniture, whether you're using it as a cubby or as shoe storage. Materials used in these solid wood benches include oak and pine wood. The storage compartment offers ample storage space. These can be perfect for storing quilts, serveware, and dinnerware. You could also use one as a shoe bench if you were so inclined!

Simply put, a quality entryway bench can provide a unique style to your home. Whether you're looking for extra seating, or are looking for extra storage, this is the right furniture for you. Browse our selection today to find your new favorite piece of furniture!

Entryway Benches FAQ

01 What is an entryway bench?

An entryway bench is a piece of entryway seating. They generally feature storage space for your goods as you come into the home.

02 Can you use a storage bench as a dining bench?

In the dining room, bench seating can provide both visual appeal and additional seating space. Simply replace a few seats in your dining room with a storage bench that serves as both a seat and a practical storage space for seasonal decor, tablecloths, place settings, and other items.

03 Can you use a storage bench as a coffee table?

Using a bench as a coffee table alternative is one of our favorite ideas. As a coffee table, an elegant wooden or upholstered bench can provide additional surface area, seating, and even storage. What a three-pronged attack!

04 What should I put in my entryway bench?

Entryway benches offer versatile storage space. Some people store blankets in them. They can also be a great place to store your wallet!

05 What styles of entryway bench does EuroLuxHome.com offer?

EuroLuxHome.com is a great place to look for entryway benches. We offer classic antique designs that demonstrate top-tier craftsmanship. We also offer plenty of vintage and modern designs.

06 How wide should my entryway bench be?

An entryway bench's normal width ranges from 40 to 80 inches. The recommended width and height ranges are 42 to 60 inches broad and 18 to 20 inches tall. The size of the bench you select will also be determined by the number of people who will be able to sit on it at the same time.

07 What is an entryway table called?

A table in a hallway is commonly referred to as a console, but it can also be referred to as an entryway table if it is located towards the front of the house.

08 How long should my entryway table be?

The traditional entryway table is 14-18 inches deep, 32-64 inches long, and 30-33 inches tall. The length is the most variable factor, and it is mostly determined by the amount of space available in your entryway.

09 How do I choose an entryway bench?

The finest entryway bench will complement your home's design or style, fit your space without feeling crowded. It should also?contain elements that will keep the area looking nice and tidy at all times.

10 How deep is the average entryway bench?

A shoe-storage bench can be closer to 19 or 20 inches height. These extra inches allow you to pack a lot of stuff into it while still sitting comfortably. A mudroom bench is typically 14 to 17 inches deep.

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