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Currey & Company has been making beautifully designed home furniture, lighting and accessories since 1988. These fashionable furnishings feature fabulous lighting, whether you want a chandelier, wall sconce, table lamps, or a floor lamp. However, it's interesting to note that the company was originally started to recreate classic garden furniture from the Smithsonian! That traditional heritage and homage to historical design has spread to many more exceptional pieces of furniture in their vibrant collection.

Currey and Company lighting and distinctive furniture designs span a wide range of styles. Some of the most stunning pieces fall either in the more glamorous end of the spectrum, or the more rustic and even nautical end of the design spectrum.

Currey & Company Doesn't Just Have Lighting Products. Shop Currey and Company Furniture, Too!

As such, you will find a wonderful choice of Currey and Company furnishings in the Hollywood Regency style, including mirrored furniture. The sheer glamour of the unique finishes will draw the eye and make a very large impact in any room! Of course, Currey offers more traditional furniture styles as well.

What Materials Does Currey and Company use in their Lighting and Furniture?

For those who love more rustic home decor, Currey and Company is known for its natural materials with hand-crafted details. Hand-forged wrought iron is a Currey and Company specialty. Imagine an impressive pendant lighting fixture hand-forged from wrought iron pieces. Also picture the beauty of hand-carved wood, rustic twig furniture, brass or porcelain, or the natural appeal of seashell encrusting a piece of furniture or lighting. Nautical styles feature rope and iron, making us think of ships, lighthouses and life by the sea. Some innovative garden whimsies are crafted in hand-formed concrete to give a fashionable faux bois or false wood look.

Antique mirroring, gleaming silver leaf, gold highlights, weathered wood and stained leather panels are among the many other unusual and upscale finishes you can expect from Currey and Company.

Always elegant and intriguingly designed, Currey and Company is definitely a brand to browse on our site if you are looking for distinctive home furnishings. We have high standards of craftsmanship here at, and C&C does it right. Get yourself a Currey and Company chandelier, lamp or light fixture today!

Currey & Company FAQ

01 How was Currey & Company founded?

Though we are now recognized for our lighting and furniture, Garden Source Furnishings was formed in 1988 by Robert and Suzanne Currey as a retailer of classic garden furnishings.

02 Does EuroLux offer Currey & Company products?

EuroLux offers plenty of the best Currey & Company designs. In fact, this brand is one of our favorites!

03 Is Currey & Company a small business?

From their headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, to Currey International in the Philippines, India, and China, and our International Sales Office in Hong Kong, what started as a two-person operation has grown into a thriving corporation with approximately 550 employees distributed throughout the globe.

04 How long has Currey & Company been in business?

We are celebrating their?30th year in business this year. This milestone is very meaningful?because it allows them?to reflect on all of the people who have contributed to their?success in a competitive business over the last three decades.

05 What is Currey & Company known for?

Chandeliers, wall sconces, table and floor lamps, and outdoor lighting are among their?most popular goods. However, in the previous decade, they've added significant lines of furniture, upholstery, and accessories to their assortment.


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