Kitchenware & Enamelware

Kitchenware and Enamelware

Home cooks who love to bake and cook in a unique space with lots of personal touches know that simply by adding some vintage kitchenware and enamelware they can immediately create a wonderful and nostalgic decorative effect.  For example, it is easy to find and display a few well-used and loved vintage French pewter or brass pitchers, some vintage canisters, antique rice jars, vintage French enamelware pans or casseroles and other metal or ceramic dishes. Antique kitchen items often add a great splash of color as well as that personal touch that makes a kitchen the hearth of the home. Of course they are practical too and can be used in your meal preparation and serving. 


From enameled cookware to dishwasher safe dinnerware such as enamel mugs and dinner plates, we've got what you need. Maybe a retro style teapot, tumbler, or colander is what you need. Our enamel plates and enamelware mugs and enamelware bowls are popular as well. One thing is sure- when you browse these products, you're getting the highest quality. 

Copper is especially popular for jugs, bowls and pitchers. The warm glow, simple Country style and traditional appeal of this burnished metal is timeless. Everyone went crazy for the pots and pans hanging in the Downton Abbey TV show kitchen and that was largely due to the gleam of the copper pans! 

If you love very brightly colored and patterned ceramics, then a beautiful vintage Bequet hand-painted pitcher or ginger jar will spice up your space. These festively decorative pieces can also double as a vase for flowers. 


Whether it's a white enamel mixing bowl or cereal bowl, or a porcelain enamel  dinnerware set, these pieces provide durability and style. Our selection of kitchenware and vintage enamelware is bound to impress, whether it's an enamel bowl or enamel cookware.

From glassware to bakeware, stainless steel and cast iron countertop decor and more, we've got you covered. Maybe your cookware set or bakeware set could be enhanced by some of our furniture! Each of these home decor options is bound to enhance your serveware such as serving bowls.

Other options include stoneware, cutlery, pepper shakers, kitchen utensils,flatware sets and more! These are some of our best sellers because of how special they make your kitchen appliances and kitchen gadgets look! 

We also stock gorgeous new kitchenware and kitchen tools from tureens and serving platters to candy dishes, bowls and centerpieces for the table. A hand-painted ceramic soup tureen by Chelsea House is the epitome of elegance with its pretty design of birds and flowers. A traditional urn centerpiece decorated with an acorn motif looks like an antique urn, but it is actually newly hand-crafted in the USA in hand-cast resin which is then hand-painted for a charming finish. Exquisitely painted porcelain canisters look so pretty as kitchenware, with their ornate designs that are timeless but also look completely fresh for today’s home. If you wish to liven up your kitchen, consider antique enamelware and antique kitchen accessories from EuroLux Home! We ship everywhere in the United States and beyond!

Kitchenware & Enamelware FAQ

01 What is enamelware made of?

Enamelware is cookware made of metal, aluminum, or cast iron with a porcelain lining that makes it easy to clean, heat-safe, and long-lasting.

02 Is enamelware still made?

Enamelware was revived in the United States in the 1960s, and it is still produced in other parts of the world today.

03 What is enamelware?

Enamel cookware is a practical and timeless tradition that has been created for ages using traditional processes and is renowned for its versatility. If properly cared for, a high-quality enamel dish can last a lifetime and become a family legacy.

04 Can I put enamelware in the microwave?

Enamelware is a type of cookware composed of strong steel and porcelain that can resist high temperatures in the oven, on a cooktop, or over an open flame. When used in a microwave, however, steel creates deadly arcs of electricity. This might cause irreparable damage to your microwave or, in the worst-case situation, cause a house fire.

05 Can I air-dry enamelware?

Allowing water to evaporate on your favorite set of enamelware plates may cause troublesome hard water stains to form and may result in more labor in the long run, as tempting as it may be to utilize the ever-popular "air drying technique."


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