Nest of Tables

What is a Nesting Tables?

Furniture known as a nest of tables is a set of stacking tables that has different size tables that fit within each other, nesting under one another. Often, the larger table that may have a more ornate design as it is the focal design, with a smaller table or tables underneath being less detailed, although that is not always the case. We've seen stacking tables where each table in the set is a different color, and even the smallest table has just as much detail as the largest table so that the tables are just as beautiful when all units are fully displayed.

Why Would I Buy a Nesting Table?

Buying a table in a classic design, antique style or contemporary design is often a smart decision for your furniture collection, as they offer a variety of uses throughout your home. A nesting table set can contain many different pieces, from nesting side tables to nesting end tables. Whether you're decorating a large or small space, these pieces get the job done- that's why they're some of our best sellers. We've seen customers put them in their home office, dining room, and even as living room furniture. Some feature a wood top, and other feature a metal frame or metal legs, giving it a modern style. Others can be matched with a coffee table or end table set to create a new atmosphere among your home furnishings. Need a unique end table, side table or coffee table to add functionality to your living room? Somewhere to put out a snack tray or keep your remote controls beside a sofa for the big game? A set of nest of tables might be the key because they are a multi-purpose solution and give you many options without taking up a lot of floor space. Some nesting tables can even be used as an ottoman in front of a chair or couch or as a stool as additional seating when needed.

Wood nesting tables look stylish and sturdy with a touch of glam, and can easily be moved from one room to another, as each individual piece is usually a relatively small table and often not particularly heavy, and they can fit in most any living space. Round, triangular, square etc., they are available in almost every design, finish and shape. Purchase a modern nesting table from South Carolina and create visual interest in your home decor for every occasion or event.

What Materials is a Nest Table Made From?

Nests of tables can be found in varying quality levels, and as a result, they can be made from many types of wood and many other materials like glass nesting tables. Find a nest of tables for your living room made from:

  • Walnut Side Tables
  • Mahogany Nesting Coffee Table
  • Tops Featuring Marble Surface or a Glass Top
  • Metal Nesting Tables
  • Stainless Steel Frame Nested Table
  • Solid Wood like Solid Oak
  • Cherry Stacking Table
  • White Marble
  • Firwood
  • Marble tops
  • Bamboo
  • Teak
  • Metal Base
  • Faux Marble
  • Mango Wood

What Dimensions do Nesting Tables Come in?

Many nesting tables are narrow in width, but you can find them in most any dimension. The height of nesting tables can also be quite varied, particularly when there are 4 or 5 tables (or more!) in the set. The variety of sizes available make them a great addition to any bedroom as a nightstand or bedside table, or you can use the table top in a dining room as a place for additional serving area. And because you're likely to find a table of with the perfect dimensions for your space, storage is never a problem. Nest the tables under one another, and push them out of the way by your sideboard or buffet when you're done using them.

What Styles of Nest Tables Does EuroLuxHome Carry?

A collection of nest of tables come in most any style imaginable. From a traditional style stacking table, to mid-century modern nesting tables, contemporary style, art deco, Renaissance revival or even French Gothic style, there really is a design to fit anyone's decor.

Browse our vast selection of nest of tables at EuroLuxHome and order one for your home today. We're experts in shipping, so you don't need to find a nest tables dealer near me. We also carry a wide variety of decor options from area rugs to coffee table sets to console tables and more. We're near everyone because we ship everywhere!


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