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Scarborough House Fine Furniture makes antique-inspired furniture with gorgeous hand-crafted details and exquisite veneers. The company is famous for its veneers using the finest crotch mahogany, walnut burls and myrtle burls that remain beautiful for years to come. An Englishman founded the company and as a fine furniture maker and designer he personally selects the wood veneers from amongst the best in the world. Scarborough House makes reproduction antique furniture for every room in the house, hand-crafted using traditional furniture techniques. Whether you are looking for a handsome bed, a charming side table, a decorative sideboard or an impressive desk, Scarborough House furniture makers have crafted something to please you.

Scarborough House furniture is often highly decorative, offering new interpretations of European antique furniture styles. These pieces make a statement in your living room, dining room, or bedroom, with hand-crafted details including intricate carving, pretty marquetry inlay, opulent hand-painted Chinoiserie, hand-painted silvered glass door panels, decadent gilded finishes, textured parquetry and leather tooled with gold leaf.

What makes Scarborough House special?

We like this brand because it provides casual comfort with luxury. Imagine spending family time, relaxing in a set of Scarborough House chairs in your kitchen or on your deck. Imagine how lovely a bookcase would look in your living space as you spend time with loved ones around the fireplace.

The antique reproduction furniture makers are skilled in techniques to create a distressed furniture effect. For example, the clever use of hand-planing creates an authentically aged and rustic effect on tables and cabinets. The glass panes in cabinet and bookcase doors are also crafted by hand, with each pane individually cut to shape, then carefully glazed into the door. Even the brass hardware is made by Scarborough House so that it is the perfect match for the period styling of a piece of furniture. Small details like brass handles, locks and hinges show the high quality of a piece and Scarborough House furniture makers pay attention to all these details. Ornamental brass castings adorn many pieces of Scarborough House furniture, creating a luxurious and noble look.

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Scarborough House Fine Furniture also makes transitional and contemporary furniture, all designed to the same high standard. Top quality materials and superb craftsmanship add up to heirloom quality furniture. In short, no matter what plan you have for your space, Scarborough House has the piece to make it special. Their attention to quality and detail makes them one of our very favorites. 

Scarborough House FAQ

01 Does Scarborough House have English furniture?

Their handcrafted English reproduction furniture exudes bench-made quality and inspiring design in every detail. Some furniture styles come and go, but these English Classics stand the test of time. The timeless and inviting quality of their English Classics will elevate your home, office, or any location.

02 What materials does Scarborough House use?

Exotic veneers and tactile materials like as stone, shells, metal, etching, and paint on glass are used in their Modern Mix line to modernise classic designs.

03 Does EuroLux offer Scarborough House?

We have a wide variety of Scarborough House products. Check out our selection here.

04 Why choose Scarborough House?

With their Rustic European collection, you can create a calm and casual atmosphere for your family. With a laid-back luxury and inviting vibe, the hand-planed, hand-pegged, and hand-finished collection is created of solid Alder and Gmelina Veneers.


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