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About us

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About Us

About EuroLux Antiques

EuroLux Antiques put down roots on Main Street in the sleepy, Southern town of Newberry, South Carolina, in 2004. Owners Aimee and Greg Talbot, freshly returned from ex-pat assignments in Europe, decided to jump out of the corporate world and chase the American Dream. They put their MBAs in International Business to work for themselves by creating a high-quality, direct-import, e-commerce antiques business. EuroLux Antiques offers big city-quality antiques at small-town prices with exceptionally friendly and professional customer service.

About the EuroLux Antiques Family

EuroLux Antiques is a small, family business. As Aimee and Greg were launching the new business, Greg's parents, John and Kathy, were retiring. They decided to become partners and have been instrumental in the success of EuroLux Antiques ever since. John's youngest sister, Therese Talbot, has also joined the family business.

Aimee Talbot

Born in South Florida, Aimee is the resident Yankee, bless her heart. If you give us a call, more than likely Aimee will answer the phone. She answers your questions, keeps everything organized, and manages the Marketing. She also adores animals and just keeps bringing home strays - she's currently up to 8 fuzzy babies. Study abroad in Italy during her years at Florida State University had a profound impact on Aimee, leading to an MA in Italian Renaissance Art & History, and an insatiable urge to travel the world. Aimee met Greg at summer camp in North Carolina at the tender age of thirteen, and married him 16 years later. "Sometimes you just know, the way you know a good melon," is a movie quote from Aimee's favorite movie. (Name it for 10% off your next order!)

Greg Talbot

Greg is a computer geek from way back. Little did his parents know in 1984 when they bought a family computer, it would eventually lead to an e-commerce business. Greg designs and manages the custom database software that is the backbone of EuroLux Antiques, and is our webmaster. A long-suffering Gamecock fan (although the "suffering" has been much less the last few years with 2 Baseball National Championships and a much-improved football team), Greg has both Accounting and Law degrees from the University of South Carolina. Greg is quite handy and loves to work with power tools - he is currently renovating a 1920s bungalow and restoring his first car, a 1965 Mustang.

Kathy Talbot

As Director of Restoration Services, Kathy stays very busy - from touching up furniture to rewiring chandeliers to ceramic restoration. Since childhood, Kathy has loved to do crafts and work with her hands. She has even taught herself to cane chairs and to work on clocks. Kathy and John met while students at the University of South Carolina and married while serving together in the Navy. Kathy was a Navy nurse and worked in that profession for 35 years, specializing in gerontology. Kathy has a great interest in genealogy and loves to travel. She and John lived in London for four months and have travelled extensively throughout Europe and North America.

John Talbot

If you're visiting our Gallery, you're sure to meet John. John greets our guests and takes care of the accounting. Chances are he may have travelled through your hometown as he grew up a military kid, and then moved from place to place during his own days as an aviator flying P3 Orions in the US Navy. A retired civil engineer and USNR Captain, John enjoys crossword puzzles and is an expert at Wheel of Fortune, in Kathy's opinion. He recently took up golf and is a huge World War II history buff. He's especially fond of Kathy's cooking - her fried chicken and potato salad are his favorites.

About the EuroLux Antiques Brood

And then there are the eight fuzzy children that are underfoot at the Gallery every day - Rudy, Ozzy, Minkey, Jake, Roxy, Lenny & Squiggy, and Fozzy. Aimee and Greg have a soft spot in their hearts for homeless pets, which is why EuroLux Antiques donates a portion of every sale to help rescue homeless pets at Pets Inc., a no-kill animal shelter in Columbia, SC.Visit Pets, Inc

Rudy Talbot

Rudy set out to make his fortune in the world and ended up on our doorstep. Part black lab, part border collie, Rudy is the oldest and feels responsible for all of the other animals. He does his best to herd the cats and tolerates Jake constantly licking his ears. He is special snuggle buddies with Ozzy. 

Ozzy (Mr. Kittles) Talbot

Named after Ozzy Osbourne and affectionately known as Mr. Kittles, this cool cat is a true rock star. He is large and in charge of the cat colony, but he prefers to remain elusive with humans he doesn't know. Even though he's clearly the boss, he always enjoys a snuggle and snoozes about 18 hours per day. 

Jake Talbot

Since he was just a pup, Rudy has been Jake's very best friend. Part lab, part springer spaniel, Jake does not live up to his genetics, as he is afraid of water and doesn't understand why we throw balls away from him. While he may not be the sharpest tack in the toolbox, he does like to be comfortable and prefers to lay on pillows, which he arranges himself. Pooh, Barney, and Scooby Do are his very favorite stuffed toys. 

Minkey Talbot

He's so beautiful, and he knows it too. This handsome Sealpoint Siamese cat is quite vocal, although he pretty much just says, "Meh." He greatly enjoys interacting with our guests at EuroLux Antiques and considers himself quite the host. No matter which piece of antique furniture you're considering, he'll get in it and show you the best place to sit. 

Roxy (Chicken) Talbot

Aimee rescued this Flamepoint Siamese kitten from the side of a highway, so we named her Roxanne, after the song. She is the only girl, and honestly, she just doesn't care for any of those stinky boy cats. She loves people though, and can be quite the flirt in the EuroLux Gallery - unless it's time to snooze in the sun in the front window. She especially likes to take walks outside on a leash. She coos like a bird rather than purring, which has earned her the nickname, Chicken.

Lenny & Squiggy Talbot

Talk about a great personality! These twin kittens have it in spades. Lenny Bean (left center) is so full of mischief that he's been known to swing in the chandeliers, but he's just so adorable that we can't stay mad. Squiggy (below center) likes to give kisses and will charm you with his one blue eye. They both love to talk to folks that visit the Gallery, and they don't mind at all if you'd like to carry them around for a little free snuggling during your visit.


Fozzy Talbot

Apparently the stray cats in Newberry are marking the sidewalk out in front of our Gallery - "kind hearted woman will feed you here." This little guy actually scratched at the front door begging to get in. How could we resist? He's quite the cuddlebug and greatly enjoys the company of all the cats, especially his buddies, Lenny & Squiggy, but he isn't too sure yet about humans he doesn't know. He is getting braver, though.