Empire style antique furniture arose in France in the early 19th century after Napoleon Bonaparte crowned himself Emperor of France in 1804, filling a vacuum that had been left when the monarchy was overthrown in the 1789 French Revolution. During this era, a sense of grandiosity influenced furniture design. This was due to several factors. Napoleon liked to identify with the splendor and power of imperial Rome, and his conquering of Egypt led to a fascination with all things Egyptian. The decorative themes also built on the Neoclassical designs that had previously been popular under the overthrown King Louis XVI, but they were subject to a more militaristic feel that reflected the politics of the time.

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The Empire Style

The result was a very powerful and stately look in furniture and decorative antiques. Empire furniture included elegant column and arch designs that were reminiscent of classical Rome, a perfect example of Neoclassicism. The famous Arc de Triomphe in Paris was built during this era and it is an excellent example of the imposing grandeur that typifies this Empire period.

Egyptian Influences

As part of the Egyptian influence we also see many symbols to represent the sphinx.

A sphinx is a mythical creature with has a human head but the body of a lion. Images of the sphinx and its claw feet appeared as a decorative detail on all kinds of furniture. Other animals on display included the mythical griffin, which is part lion and part eagle, and the more familiar serpents and swans.

Strong Design

The look was strong and masculine, and mahogany was often the wood of choice. Gold ormolu may frequently be seen adorning this style of furniture and home accessories, adding to the rich look of the pieces. Ormulu laurel wreaths were used as decorations on furniture, representing victory in battle.

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Just as Napoleon made his conquests in the Old World, Empire style antique furniture made a conquest that still captures the imagination and makes a powerful impression today. Browse a stunning collection of Empire furnishings below!

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Empire FAQ

01 How do I identify American Empire furniture?

Intricate carvings, clawed feet, and twisted columns are all common features of this kind of furniture. Animal themes are common in the carvings, which frequently include bird's wings, dolphin heads, and other unusual designs.

02 Is Empire style furniture neoclassical?

The Empire style?is a design movement in architecture, furniture, other ornamental arts, and the visual arts that emerged in the early nineteenth century. It is the second phase of Neoclassicism.

03 When did Empire style furniture originate?

Empire style furniture originated around the time of Napoleon's reign. Its regal tone is reflective of the mindset of an expanding empire. It is truly a grandiose interior design movement.

04 What is the Empire style of furniture?

Empire style is considered a 2nd wave of neoclassicism. This means it is full of Greek and Roman motifs. Columns and arches mark this style.

05 Does EuroLuxHome.com have Empire style furniture?

We have a wide selection of Empire furniture available on our online store. One of our most popular pieces in this style is the Empire style sideboard and buffet. These grandiose pieces of furniture are a great way to make a statement in your dining room or living room.


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