Contemporary Furniture is proud to offer a wide variety of contemporary furniture. We've got pieces for your dining room, living room, and home office, each bringing a unique flair to your home. We get new arrivals frequently, each bringing a modern design to your home decor. Add a taste of modern living to your interior design. Creative color palettes and an enticing decorating style are what defines contemporary design. 

Contemporary Furniture for the Living Room

We've got modern furniture for every situations. Browsing our catalog, you'll notice a large selection of contemporary living room furniture. Some of our contemporary table options include coffee tables, side tables, end tables, and accent tables. These pieces are easy on the eye, and are compact enough if you have a small space. Some of them feature unique tabletop designs, some bringing a retro vibe for that mid century modern glam. 

Modern Living Room Furniture

If you're looking for a centerpiece to your contemporary home, perhaps a media console is the contemporary style furniture for you. While these are traditionally used as TV stands, we've also seen customers use their shelving for items such as table lamps or valuables. 

As far as modern seating goes, we've got you covered. Our selection of accent chairs and side chairs provides comfort and style via quality upholstery. The same is true of our lounge chairs. If you need more space, consider browsing our selection of modern sofas and loveseats. 

Contemporary Furniture for the Dining Room

If you need furniture to fit your modern dining room, our selection has the pieces you need. We have modern dining tables and dining chairs, in all sorts of modern styles. Other dining room furniture options include cabinets and sideboards, both versatile pieces that are some of our best-sellers. 

Each piece in this design style features natural materials, clean lines, and lovely color schemes. Some are minimalist, and other feature more neutral colors, allowing for a better blend with all types of contemporary home decor.  

If you're looking to entertain company, our selection of barware includes bar carts and bar stools. 

Contemporary Office Furniture

Work is better when you do it in style. If you need a convenient place to store books and documents, we have some impressive bookcases available. We have office chairs available as well, including several swivel chairs. We also have all of the modern desks and lighting that one could need for their home office. 

To read about one of our favorite brands of contemporary furniture, check out our blog post here!

Whether you're looking to decorate any of the rooms mentioned above, or looking for entryway or bedroom furniture, we've got plenty of modern style to meet your needs. From counter stools to nightstands to area rugs to a sectional sofa, has best-selling modern furniture to meet your needs. Browse our selection of quality contemporary furniture today! We also offer other styles of amazing furniture, including Rococo, Art Deco, Scandinavian, Renaissance, and Country Farmhouse. Feel free to browse our collection of other decorating ideas as well, which include chandeliers, wall art, floor lamps, pendant lights and more!


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Contemporary FAQ

01 What is the contemporary style?

Contemporary style is one of the first furniture styles to focus on minimalism. This is a trend that stuck, with much modern furniture still following this style today.

02 When was the contemporary period?

The contemporary period is generally believed to have begun around 1945. The art and furniture styles that cropped up at the time had a major impact on everything after. Whether it's a sideboard or set of chairs, you can't go wrong with contemporary.

03 What is classic contemporary style?

Classic contemporary style is what it sounds like- the blending of old and new. It includes some of the sweeping lines and elegance of old furniture styles, with the sleek nature of contemporary/modern furniture.

04 What are some features of Contemporary furniture?

One of the most important cornerstones of contemporary furniture design is form. Combining various shapes and forms allows you to generate the most on-trend styles. This means that a single piece of furniture can be affected by many eras through color, design, and craftsmanship to produce something unique.

05 What type of contemporary interior design does offer? has a wide variety of contemporary products. For your bedroom needs, we offer contemporary beds, nighstands and dressers. We also have a large collection of contemporary living room and dining room products.


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