Gothic Furniture

Picture in your mind’s eye medieval cathedrals and the intricate and luminous religious text manuscripts copied out by hand and illustrated by monks in the Middle Ages, and you start to get a feel of the Gothic style of home decor. You don't have to study Art History to know why this look has stood the test of time! Gothic cathedrals with stained glass windows, vaulted ceilings and medieval art always seem to bring something new to the eye. This dramatic and often romanesque architecture originated in 12th century Europe and continued through the 1400s. In the 1800s, furniture makers in France and other countries revived Gothic style furniture and reinterpreted the look with their own creative touches and additions for their customers across Europe. Inspired by Gothic architecture, the antique French Gothic furniture in our online gallery today dates from this revival period of the 19th century, rather than from the original medieval era!   

What is the Gothic Style?

When we think of the Gothic style, we imagine romanesque Cathedrals in Paris, England or Italy- Gothic buildings with flying buttresses, spires, vaulting and all sorts of inspiring designs. In addition to being an architectural style, it's also a type of furniture! 

Furniture from Spain, Germany and more!

There are various signs to look for to identify this distinctive style. The first and most obvious element is that Gothic style furniture will echo the arched windows and doors that were part of the architecture of buildings in this style, such as cathedrals and monasteries. So you will see pointed arch carvings or other details on the furniture, and doors shaped in this way too. Most of the furniture was made in oak wood which often has a dark stain. This will be enhanced by the patina of age on antique furniture. The furniture tends to be robust and sturdy, and buffets, chests and armoires often feature large ornamental hinges.

To see an example of this furniture in action, check out this post on our blog! 

Carved Furniture

Other elements of this style of architecture include intricate carvings of gargoyles, perhaps adorning an antique buffet, just as you might see on an old cathedral in Europe. Intricate tracery panels are also typical of the style, and the romantic tracery can look quite stunning on this sturdy style of furniture. Rosettes are also common symbols, and quatrefoils are a popular motif too. Quatrefoil means four leaves. If you already have furniture in this style in your space, then simply adding a wall mirror in a quatrefoil shape from our collection of new mirrors will play up the theme and add to the authentic look. Another way to add a touch of Gothic style is to choose wall sconces, probably in black iron, for your lighting. 

Gothic Furniture at

Our collection of Gothic revival furniture features dining room furniture, such as dining tables in the form of nesting tables. We've come a long way from the early Gothic period. We see many pieces inspired by this movement dating back to the 13th century, carrying into the 14th century and 15th century. But there are even flashes of Roman style decor. Naturally, we've got the Gothic chairs and dining chairs to match. Just imagine how these would look with a chandelier shining over them! These pieces give you the feeling of Gothic churches and English abbey churches! 

Living Room Decor

If you're looking to add Gothic decor to your living room, we've got you covered. Perhaps a sideboard is the piece to enhance your space. A Gothic cabinet or other piece of storage furniture could be what your interior design needs. If you're looking for another practical piece of furniture in this furniture style, maybe a display cabinet will make the statement you've been looking for. 

Other Gothic art furniture designs we carry for your Gothic interior include coffee tables and side tables, each with a certain Renaissance swagger. Other seating options include accent chairs and arm chairs.

Whether it's a Gothic bench, some Italian candleholders, a piece with 16th century style stained glass or Victorian luxury, has you covered. Our collection features products made from the finest woods and upholstery. We have shipped all over the United States and to countless other countries, so choose EuroLux for your Neo-Gothic and Gothic Design needs.

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