Art Nouveau


The highly decorative Art Nouveau style is so classically elegant, it will always add a touch of graciousness to a home. Art Nouveau furniture was popular for a fairly short period in the late 19th century and early 20th century. However, the influence of Art Nouveau furniture design has extended far beyond that brief span of a couple of decades. The look is based on natural free-flowing forms, and you will often see stylized curved lines of ...

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Art Nouveau FAQ

01 When was the Art Nouveau period?

This style rose to prominence in the late 19th century. It went hand in hand with the modernist movement during the same time period.

02 What's the difference between Art Deco and Art Nouveau?

Whereas Art Deco made an effort to blend older styles with the new, Art Nouveau was a way of progressing interior design. Art Nouveau was intended to be a brand new style entirely. This shows through its unique take on design.

03 What Art Nouveau furniture does offer? offers all sorts of Art Nouveau furniture. Maybe your taste would be a fascinating Art Nouveau buffet. Or maybe there's an Art Nouveau set of chairs in your near future.


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  1. Aubusson Throw Pillow 22"x22" Floral Emblem Handwoven Fabric, Red/Hot Pink

    SKU: CW-455

    22H x 22W x 4D

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  2. Buffet Art Nouveau Antique French 1900 Beautiful Carved Walnut 5-Door 2-Drawer

    SKU: 23-3A

    96.75H x 67W x 23.75D

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  3. Antique Sideboard Art Nouveau Pine Cone Carved Walnut Mirror Marble Glass Doors

    SKU: 25-44A

    90H x 84W x 21.25D

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  4. Antique Server Sideboard Art Nouveau Walnut Pine Cone Mirror Peach Red Marble

    SKU: 25-44B

    68H x 50W x 18D

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  5. Antique German Color Lithograph, Art Nouveau, Classical Scene of Mother/Children

    SKU: 4-575-0

    23.50H x 50.75W x 1.25D

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  6. Dining Chairs Art Nouveau Set 6 Antique French 1900 Walnut Vinyl Upholstered

    SKU: 22-20

    36H x 16.50W x 16D

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Showing: 1-7 of 7 results

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