Brittany Furniture

Brittany antique furniture is named for the province in north-western France where this very distinctive, heavily-carved wood furniture originated. It was once an independent kingdom called Lesser Britain, hence the name. It is historically a Celtic nation, like Scotland, Ireland, and Wales, and so the symbols carved on the furniture are often similar to the ones you will find in those countries. For example, it is not unusual to see carvings on the furniture of festive village folk playing music ...

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Brittany FAQ

01 What is Brittany style furniture?

Brittany style furniture originated in Brittany, which is in modern day France. The style often features ornate carvings and deep colored wood.

02 How do I identify Brittany style furniture?

There are many different styles of furniture that feature detailed carvings. Since Brittany was a maritime economy, these pieces often feature nautical themes such as ship wheels and fish.

03 What Brittany furniture does offer?

A customer favorite would be something from our collection of sideboards or buffets. We'd also recommend checking out our selection of nightstands and dining chairs.


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  1. Antique Buffet Brittany French Heavily Carved Chestnut Figures Dancing Music

    SKU: 23-49

    105H x 59.25W x 23.75D

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  2. Antique Server Sideboard Brittany Chestnut French Heavily Carved Figures 1890

    SKU: 23-50

    81H x 51.25W x 21.75D

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  3. Antique Display Cabinet Brittany French Glass Door Ship Wheels Chestnut Narrow

    SKU: 24-11

    71.25H x 31W x 17.50D

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  4. Cabinet Brittany Antique French 1900 Chestnut Wood Carved Figures 2-Door Drawer

    SKU: 24-37

    39.50H x 37.50W x 18.75D

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  5. Bookcase Brittany Antique French 1880 Carved Country People Figures Glass 2-Door

    SKU: 24-45

    97H x 49.75W x 18.75D

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  6. Nightstand Antique Brittany 1890 Carved Chestnut French Boules Game Players

    SKU: 25-46

    44H x 37W x 19.25D

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  7. Armoire Brittany Heavily Carved Antique French 1890 Chestnut Wood Mirror

    SKU: 20-2A

    104.50H x 67W x 21D

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