Art Deco Furniture and Home Decor


Art Deco home decor accessories and architecture have never really gone out of style, ever since the look was first introduced in the 1920s and 1930s. It was popular back then because it represented the modern thinking of the Jazz Age, and it is still popular now because this sleek, streamlined and striking style has such a classical appeal. From mid-century to present day, every generation discovers it all over again!

The History of Art Deco

It was named after the Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs held in Paris in 1925, shortly after the First World War. This was a showcase of exciting new designs and the sexy new Art Deco style made waves that had a big ripple effect. We see this style in furniture, but also in Art Deco architecture. If you have ever been to Miami’s South Beach or admired the iconic New York Chrysler Building or Empire State Building, you have already admired this style! From Los Angeles,  New York City or Chicago skyscrapers to furniture with geometric patterns from France, Art Deco buildings are everywhere. This French style is every in American moderne culture. 

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What makes it Art Deco?

This form of the decorative arts takes inspiration from older fine arts as well as modernism.

The key features of Art Deco home accessories are prominent and well-defined curves and lines. Applied decoration is also important to the look, including sunbursts, geometric shapes, and stylized floral designs.

Art Deco Materials

The sleek lines are made even more alluring by the use of glossy and shiny materials. This creates a sense of opulence, which makes an interesting contrast to the relatively unfussy silhouettes of the furniture. The reflective surfaces might include glass, mirror, lacquered finishes and metals, especially chrome. Gorgeous slabs of marble are typical on buffets or other furniture. These materials are substantial but also glamorous. Everybody feels in the mood for a party when they see one of these pieces. It immediately feels like it is time to shine up the cocktail shaker, dress up in your finest Roaring Twenties outfit, and start sparkling!

This architectural style will work perfectly with many different interior design styles, including modern and contemporary schemes. You can be sure that any antique or vintage Art Deco furniture will become a focal point in your room, thanks to the fine craftsmanship, chic lines and sensuous finishes.  

Art Deco Furniture 

There are countless high quality furniture options from the Art Deco period. Some of the most impressive pieces that came out of this movement were the sideboards. You will find the pieces from this movement are sleek and aerodynamic. 

Art Deco for the Living Room

 Sideboards are a great way to make a statement in your living room or dining room, providing plenty of storage space and looking amazing in the process. Many come in pastel colors. A set of art deco armchairs could provide comfort while you read, watch TV, or spend time with family. Speaking of reading, art deco bookcases are lovely pieces too, allowing for practical storage while looking fantastic. To add to your seating, you could consider an art deco sofa, providing comfort with the style that comes from art deco design and ornamentation. Other seating options include club chairs, side chairs, and lounge chairs. If you're in the market for a table, maybe a coffee table, console table, side table, or end table is what you're looking for, in which case the world of Art Deco style can help again. 

Art Deco for the Dining Room 

Interior designers of this style have a special talent for dining room furniture. An art deco cabinet could be a stylish way to store your dishes. A dining table, along with a set of dining chairs in this style can ensure that all of your meals are enjoyed in mid century modern luxury. For seating other than art deco chairs, we've also got options in bar furniture such as bar carts and bar stools, perfect for entertaining guess. Lighting is important, and this style brings you options in that field as well. Chandeliers of this style are top quality from pendant light to pendant light. 

Art Deco Furniture for the Bedroom

A French Art Deco bedroom will make sleeping feel like you're in the Great Gatsby. The happier parts, hopefully. Whether you're looking for a nightstand, table lamp, or bedside tables, this style can provide that special 20th century swagger. A floor lamp could provide practical light in the room. Many of these pieces are crafted from exotic woods, rosewood, or even a walnut veneer, adding a unique sense of class to your tabletop. We also offer other styles of amazing furniture, including RococoRenaissance, Art Nouveau, Gothic and Country Farmhouse.

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