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Art Deco home decor accessories and architecture have never really gone out of style, ever since the look was first introduced in the 1920s and 1930s. It was popular back then because it represented the modern thinking of the Jazz Age, and it is still popular now because this sleek, streamlined and striking style has such a classical appeal. From mid-century to present day, every generation discovers it all over again!

The History of Art Deco

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Art Deco Furniture and Home Decor FAQ

01 What is the Art Deco style?

Art Deco style is artistic in nature, but not overly so. They tend to be sleeker, with cleaner lines than their antique style counterparts. This doesn't mean there isn't ample decoration across these wonderful pieces of antique furniture.

02 When was the Art Deco period?

The Art Deco style is one of the younger antique movements. It dates back to the roaring 20s. Most of the furniture you'd see in the Great Gatsby is from the same time period!

03 What types of Art Deco furniture does offer?

Art Deco furniture is one of our most popular home decor styles. We have plenty! Whether it's a modern piece you're looking for, or an antique piece we acquired during one of our trips to France, we've got you covered.


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  1. OXFORD Dresser Chest of Drawers Jupe Alder 3 -Drawer

    SKU: CL-79

    34.50H x 43W x 21D

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  2. OXFORD Chest of Drawers Jupe Gray Wash Wax Reclaimed Douglas Fir 3 -Draw

    SKU: CL-115

    30H x 28W x 21D

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  3. DALE TIFFANY Statue 2-Piece Dimpled Glass Hand-Blown

    SKU: DY-997

    7.25H x 7W x 2.75L

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  4. SCAVO RAGUSA Vase Medium Fully Glazed Heavily Distressed Ceramic Hand-Thrown

    SKU: AS-445

    13H x 14W x 14D

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  5. SCAVO RAGUSA Vase Large Fully Glazed Heavily Distressed Ceramic Hand-Thrown

    SKU: AS-446

    11H x 11W x 11D

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  6. SCAVO RAGUSA Vase Extra Large XL Fully Glazed Heavily Distressed Ceramic

    SKU: AS-447

    14H x 15W x 15D

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  7. Stephanie Table Clock Mantel Art Deco Oval Brass Polished Silver Nickel Plate

    SKU: PL-177

    8.50H x 4.50W x 2.25D

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  8. WOODBRIDGE HUNTINGTON Dresser Chest of Drawers Rectangular Top Plinth Base

    SKU: WB-1285

    36H x 64W x 20D

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  9. WOODBRIDGE LIBRE Drink Table End Side Art Deco Round Acrylic Oak

    SKU: WB-1379

    24H x 14.25W x 14.25D

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  10. Table Lamp Raymond Art Deco Mid-Century Modern Adjustable Brass Nickel Pewter

    SKU: PL-81

    40H x 9.50W x 30D

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