Antique Armoire

Antique Armoire: Timeless Piece of Furniture

Antique armoires possess an allure that transcends time, captivating the hearts of those who appreciate their craftsmanship, history, and elegance. As homeowners increasingly seek sustainable and eco-friendly options, antique armoires are an excellent choice. They are environmentally responsible and exude charm and sophistication that enhances living space.

What is an Antique Armoire?

An armoire is an antique cabinet often used in bedrooms or dressing rooms to store clothing, linens, and other household items. 

The term "armoire" comes from the French "armarie," which translates as "cupboard" or "bookcase." The Latin "armarium" means a closet for storing weapons or other tools.

Antique armoires are different from modern wardrobes because they are to be both functional and beautiful. They often had intricate carvings or details that made them stand out as a decorative element in a room.

Why Choose Vintage Armoires?

There are many reasons to use a vintage armoire for your home: 

The Craftsmanship Behind Antique Armoires

Skilled artisans skillfully crafted antique armoires, employing traditional techniques and paying close attention to detail. These masterpieces showcase their creators' expertise, often featuring intricate inlays, exquisite marquetry, and hand-carved embellishments. Including an antique armoire in your home honors the skill and dedication of furniture makers and their rich history. Furniture-making is an art that dates back centuries, and an antique armoire is a beautiful way to celebrate it.

Antiques are high-quality pieces of furniture built to last. They are often made from solid wood, which means they are durable and stand the test of time. You won't find any pressboard or MDF in a genuine antique piece of furniture. You can expect heirloom quality that can be passed down from generation to generation.

The Uniqueness Factor of Vintage Armoires

Secondly, do you want a piece of furniture like your neighbors down the street? Antique furniture pieces are typically hand-made, and as a result, each piece is unique with its own story to tell. Could you think of the history witnessed by the armoire you place in your room?

Antique armoires add character to your home. They have a charm and warmth that modern furniture often lacks. They are functional and add an aesthetic appeal to your living space.

We often find old photographs, coins, or stamps in antique furniture that we import from France. Investing in an antique armoire uniquely adds a piece of history to your home and a particular furniture item.

Repurposing Antique Armoires for Modern Use

Thirdly, antique armoires are versatile. While they were initially designed for storing clothing, linens, or tools, you can use them for various purposes in your home. It can be used as a bar, a bookshelf, or a media cabinet for a flat-screen TV.

Customers have used our products in their kitchens as a pantry. This adds a warm, cozy atmosphere to one of the most popular rooms in a home.

Another way to incorporate an antique armoire is to use it as a functional piece of furniture. An antique armoire can be used as a bar in your living room. Many armoires contain one or more shelves and have locking doors, making them especially practical for storing drinks and other items.

Our clientele often owns historic Victorian-era homes that did not have closets when originally built. An antique armoire is a perfect addition to Victorian bedrooms to store clothes and your other treasured items.

You can also use an antique armoire in your home office or library as a bookshelf. Armoires and antique bookcases often have transparent glass doors, allowing you to show off your library. Shelving provides ample storage for your books and creates a cozy, inviting space for reading and relaxation.

Creating a Cohesive Look with Antique Armoires

Antique armoires blend into the existing home decor to create a cohesive, inviting atmosphere. An antique piece of furniture can add character and charm to any home. Whether your home is modern and minimalist or cozy and traditional, it doesn't matter.

To achieve this, consider the following tips:

Coordinate with Existing Furniture: Mix and match antique armoires with other furniture pieces, ensuring they complement one another. You can do this by selecting an armoire with a wood tone or design elements similar to your other furnishings.

Customers often are concerned that they will choose antique furniture that does not blend with other home furniture. In reality, each customer has a design aesthetic that leans toward a particular style, so everything coordinates quite well together. It's unusual--although possible--to find someone who likes the antique renaissance style and Art Deco equally well. Even so, the wood tones and materials will typically blend well across eclectic styles.

Balance Scale and Proportion: Make sure the armoire fits comfortably within your space and maintains balance with the room's other elements. Pairing a large armoire with smaller, more delicate pieces can create a striking visual contrast.

One way to incorporate an antique armoire into your home decor is to use it as a statement piece. Choose an armoire with intricate carvings or unique details and place it in a prominent location in your room. A statement piece will draw the eye and create a focal point in your space.

Armoires are well-suited for rooms with high ceilings. Antique furniture typically has a larger scale, making it ideal for large, historic homes.

Caring for Your Antique Armoire

Proper care is essential to preserve the beauty and longevity of your antique armoire. Keep these tips in mind:

    1. Clean Gently: Dust your armoire regularly with a soft, dry cloth to prevent buildup. Use a damp cloth with mild soap to clean the surface when necessary. Dry it immediately to avoid damage to the wood.
    2. Protect from Direct Sunlight: Prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause the wood to fade or crack. You can position your armoire away from direct sunlight to maintain its appearance.
    3. Control Humidity Levels: Fluctuating humidity can lead to wood expansion and contraction, possibly warping or splitting. Use a humidifier or dehumidifier to maintain a consistent humidity level in your home.

Shop Vintage for Armoires

Remember to shop vintage to add an antique armoire to your home decor! Here are a few options to consider:

Antique Stores: Many antique shops carry vintage armoires. This is an excellent choice if you want a unique item. You can also visit and view the armoire before you decide.

EuroLux Home has a storefront in Historic Downtown Newberry, SC, with many armoires and bookcases from which to choose. Our hours are by chance or appointment, so please get in touch with us before visiting.

Online Antique Retailers: has been selling and shipping French armoires for nearly 20 years. Our team is highly experienced in transporting vintage furniture and has sent items to each of the 50 US States plus over 50 international locations.

We offer Free Shipping within the Lower 48 and some parts of Canada.

You can call us at 803-276-4001 or email us, and we'd be happy to help you with your choice.

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