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If you entertain guests often or have a big family, it can be a real challenge to present food and drinks in an organized and uncluttered way. Gatherings can get really messy, really quickly. So if you want to have space for food that won’t take away space from your guests, you’re going to need to have storage space for all the flatware and cutlery everyone will be using.

What Is An Antique Sideboard For?

An antique sideboard is a piece of furniture used for serving food and laying out serving dishes, as well as for storage space. It’s typically found in the dining room or living room, and it features cabinets, drawers, and cupboards for storage.

Sideboards became popular in the 1800s as people gained wealth. These days, they have become decorative fixtures for the home, especially in formal dining rooms. Designer furniture like this has been used for decades to complement your dining tables, side tables, bar stools, and console tables. Whether you choose an Italian luxury sideboard or modern 2-door sideboard, you'll be impressed. 

What’s The Difference Between A Sideboard And A Buffet?

There’s no functional difference between a sideboard and a buffet, and the terms have come to be used interchangeably these days. If you’re going to be strict about it, sideboards have short legs, and buffets have longer legs. Sideboards also often have cabinets that reach down to the floor, and may even have no legs at all.

Some sideboards and buffets are paired with hutches. An antique kitchen hutch is a set of shelves placed on top of a lower cabinet with a counter, usually a sideboard or buffet. Hutches are used for additional storage space and for displaying china or glassware. We offer designer sideboards that can add style to any home decor style. Browse our luxury furniture today to find your next favorite piece of kitchen, dining, or home office furniture.

Learn more about how to pick out your new sideboard here.


What Periods Of Antique Sideboards And Buffets Do We Offer?

We offer a wide variety of vintage buffets and antique kitchen sideboards in different styles. We have everything from Gothic to Renaissance to Art Deco pieces, with some dating back to 1870 and 1880. We also have more modern sideboards and buffets for those who want the functionality of these pieces without the vintage pricing. 

Here's an example we couldn't help but mention- an antique sideboard. Check it out here!

How Is A Dining Room Sideboard Decorated?

Sideboards are used in many ways these days, and no longer just for their traditional purpose in dining rooms or living rooms. A sideboard can make for a great minibar, you can also set up a coffee or tea station on your sideboard and place coffee machines or a tea collection on top. Sideboards are designed to be short so there’s room above them for a mirror, picture frames or art, or even a hutch or additional shelving. 

Outside the dining room, a sideboard can be used as a storage unit in your bedroom or bathroom. You can use it to store documents, bathroom equipment, or anything else you might want to keep hidden away to reduce clutter.

Find Your Perfect Antique Sideboard Or Buffet Today!

An antique sideboard or buffet is a versatile piece of furniture that can have many uses in your home. It’s the perfect example of antique furniture that combines beauty and functionality in one package. Find the best sideboard or buffet for your home by checking our website. Whether you're in the market for chest of drawers, entryway furniture, coffee tables, bookcases, or even a credenza, we've got the pieces to enhance your interior design. Maybe an armoire or buffet table is what you need.


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  1. Hutch COLONIAL White Wash White/Cream Mahogany

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    90H x 60W x 18D

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  2. Buffet Louis XV Rococo 1890 Walnut Wood Glass Doors Carved Flourish

    SKU: 22-360

    109.50H x 62.75W x 22.50D

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  3. Sideboard QUADRANT Ebony Black Walnut 3 -Door

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    33.50H x 76W x 23D

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  4. Hutch MAHARADSCHA Small White Mahogany

    SKU: NO-1562

    81.50H x 42W x 20D

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  5. Sideboard DAVID Dark Walnut

    SKU: NO-174

    32H x 64W x 23D

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  6. Sideboard BOSTON Ebony Black Metal Walnut

    SKU: NO-1560

    32H x 84W x 20D

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