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  1. Hand-Painted Mantle Clock Made In America
    Antique Clocks | Client Spotlight

    Hand-Painted Mantle Clock Made In America

    When our customer Fredrick A. in Hartwell, GA, bought a new hand-painted mantle clock from us created by OK Casting, he didn't just love the style of the clock, he also appreciated the fact that the clock was made in America. This is the new mantle clock made by OK Casting. The clock is a classic camelback design that brings a...

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  2. Brittany Antique Longcase Clock
    Antique Clocks | Client Spotlight | Retag

    Brittany Antique Longcase Clock

    Tick tock, tick tock! A few months have passed since our customer Loren G. in McKinney, TX, sent photos of the antique Brittany clock that she bought from us. Now it's time to show you Loren's lovely home where the antique French longcase clock marks the days in style. This is the French Breton-style grandfather clock, dating to about 1880...

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  3. Spring Cleaning Antiques Deals
    French Antique Furniture | Antique Clocks | News | Retag

    Spring Cleaning Antiques Deals

    Greg and I are busy spring cleaning and sorting out some of our older inventory, which means you can pick up some great antiques deals as we cut prices on pieces that are still waiting for a good home! If you've had your eye on something you liked, now is the time to mosey on over to EuroLuxHome.com and see...

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  4. Things We Love: Our Clients & Art Deco Betty
    Antique Clocks | Client Spotlight

    Things We Love: Our Clients & Art Deco Betty

    I appreciate all our loyal customers, including Betty S. in Tallahassee, Florida, who especially likes Art Deco pieces. My previous client spotlight on the Art Deco buffet Betty bought from us showed photos of her cool 1958 home. I also explained that Betty is more than just a long-time customer, she is a friend. Betty's birthday was in December and...

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  5. Vintage Clock Makes Prestigious DC Building Tick
    Antique Clocks | Client Spotlight | Retag

    Vintage Clock Makes Prestigious DC Building Tick

    We were thrilled when the acclaimed Washington, DC interior designer Paul Corrie of Paul Corrie Interiors bought a beautiful vintage Louis XV Rococo style shelf clock from EuroLuxHome.com. We were even more thrilled when Paul featured it in his fabulous design for the entry and lobby spaces of The Dresden, one of Washington's most prestigious condominium addresses. This is the piece Paul chose...

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  6. A Successful Design Scheme
    Antique Clocks | Client Spotlight | Luxury Home Design | Retag

    A Successful Design Scheme

    We've been talking about color during this month of shamrocks. So far, we've looked at decorating with houseplants, adding color to your decor with accessories, and how to add warmth and mood to your rooms with natural wood elements. In today's client spotlight, we look at color from a different perspective: How you can use neutral accents to complement strong...

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  7. Tallahassee, FL
    French Antique Furniture | Antique Clocks | Client Spotlight

    Tallahassee, FL

    This blog post should actually be titled, "An Ode to Betty S."  Betty purchased a beautiful Antique Art Deco Buffet from EuroLux Antiques as a birthday present to herself at the end of last year.  Outstanding Art Deco carvings with a floral motif, original Art Deco brass hardware, and a pretty red striated marble top, make this Art Deco Buffet...

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  8. Roanoke, VA
    Antique Clocks | Client Spotlight

    Roanoke, VA

    Today's blog post is a big shout out of thanks to Sean Doherty at Doherty Interior Design in Roanoke, Virginia.  Sean added a stunning Antique Scottish Drumhead Grandfather Clock from EuroLux Antiques to complete a new design for a client's office. Antique Scottish Drumhead Grandfather Clocks are rather difficult to find, but this one, which dates to circa 1820, is...

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