Using Antique Furniture in Your Home

  1. Antique Beds: 4 Things to Know
    French Antique Furniture

    Antique Beds: 4 Things to Know

    More time is spent in the bedroom than any room in the home. The mood of the room sets the tone of your day when you wake up, and lets you unwind as you go to sleep. With that in mind, it's important to go all-out on this space's decor! Purchasing an antique bed is an investment to say the...

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  2. Luxury Antique Bookcases at EuroLux
    French Antique Furniture | Antique Reproduction Furniture | Antique Furniture Styles

    Luxury Antique Bookcases at EuroLux

    A Louis XV bookcase from the EuroLux collection. Our antique furniture collection at EuroLuxHome.com includes antique bookcases that are sure to wow. Whether you're seeking to spruce up your living room, dining area, or bedroom, we've got you covered. Each piece of furniture has the ability to change the look of your home. We have almost every style imaginable, from...

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  3. Rococo Chest of Drawers
    French Antique Furniture

    Rococo Chest of Drawers

    This elegant Rococo chest of drawers will complement any decor and exemplify the outstanding decorative appeal of genuine French furniture. The ancient French chest of drawers, which comes from the 1930s and is far too beautiful to be stashed away in a bedroom, will look fantastic in a living room or corridor. It is composed of burled mahogany wood and...

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  4. Antique Hunting Style Buffet
    French Antique Furniture

    Antique Hunting Style Buffet

    Imagine this exquisite antique French Hunting style buffet in your library, home office, corridor, or living room, housing your collection of books while also serving as a lovely ornamental focal point. The antique Renaissance Hunting style buffet/bookcase comes from approximately 1880 and is a genuine import from France. It's beautifully carved and has a lot of interesting features. The lower...

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  5. Mahogany Secretary Desk
    French Antique Furniture | Antique Reproduction Furniture

    Mahogany Secretary Desk

    Our customer, Raymond, is thrilled with his new secretary desk! This fantastic new desk and bookshelf, inspired by Old World European furniture designs, will look fantastic in your home. The piece, which stands nearly 8 feet tall and is capped with a swirling scroll pediment, is crafted with a stunning mahogany finish. Individual beveled glass panes adorn the bookcase over...

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  6. Antique Prayer Kneeler: Pretty Prie Dieu
    French Antique Furniture

    Antique Prayer Kneeler: Pretty Prie Dieu

    This antique prayer kneeler is a fine piece of devotional furniture. This type of furniture is also known as a prie dieu, which means "pray to God" in French. As you might be able to guess from its construction and name, this piece is designed to give you a luxurious place to pray! Every piece of antique furniture has its...

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  7. Furniture Spotlight: Antique Sideboard
    French Antique Furniture

    Furniture Spotlight: Antique Sideboard

    Every once in a while, we get a high quality piece of furniture that we can't help but write about. This antique French sideboard is one of those pieces. This oak sideboard has everything we look for in a piece of antique furniture. It's sturdy. It's made of quality material. Its craftsmanship has withstood the test of time. For a...

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  8. Antique Sideboard, Louis XV
    French Antique Furniture | Client Spotlight

    Antique Sideboard, Louis XV

    Lavishly carved and very substantial, this superb antique Louis XV Rococo style antique sideboard is a direct import from France from one of our recent antique buying trips. Dating to around the late 19th century/early 20th century, the antique French piece of furniture in the Louis XV Rococo style is crafted in oak wood and it boasts the handsome patina of age...

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