Chandelier Lighting for Every Room and Style

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Chandelier Lighting for Every Room and Style
Chandelier lighting makes a wonderful design statement in any room. Some people think you have to have a formal dining room to show off a chandelier. (For example, see the dining rooms in our client spotlights on Gail's French vintage Rococo chandelier or Gary's Art Nouveau chandelier.) Others like to use chandelier lighting in an entry way or foyer. A little razzle dazzle creates a sparkling welcome! But you can enjoy the beauty of a chandelier in any room from the bedroom to the powder room. The crystal swagged chandelier in this traditional kitchen adds a very individual touch, doesn't it?
We stock a huge selection of chandelier lighting in our online gallery. The choices range from antique and vintage chandeliers to new chandeliers hand-crafted by artisans. Let's have a look at some of the chandelier style options for every room and every taste. Vintage chandelier lighting

Streamlined Shapes

Do you prefer streamlined shapes rather than the more elaborate swoops, swags and flourishes of fancier Rococo styles? Then this 1950 vintage French chandelier shows you can have ornate style without the frou-frou details! The metal chandelier is crafted with a light golden finish. The 6 arms boast a graceful leaf motif. The body has an ornate embossed look too. It's stately and elegant, and would look terrific in a living area or dining room, or even in a hallway. When hanging chandelier lighting in areas where people will walk beneath, be sure to leave at least 7 feet from the ground. If you have a tall visitor with a bouncy step, you don't want them banging their head!

Vintage Capodimonte chandelier lighting

If bling is simply not your thing, a ceramic chandelier like this darling vintage Capodimonte one is a pretty choice for a Victorian home or cottage. Or even for a modern shabby romantic bedroom or dressing room! The Italian chandelier is a petite 20 inches wide and 17 inches tall so it will fit nicely into a smaller space. But even though it is petite, the yellow 1950 vintage Capodimonte chandelier is full of cheer, painted with flowery panels. Dale Tiffany chandelier lighting Mission styleBelieve it or not, this Dale Tiffany Mission style chandelier is not actually an antique. It is crafted by Dale Tiffany artisans in hand-rolled art glass with a bronzed metal base. The size and heavy look make this light a good fit for a larger room. Think about a great room or a high-ceiling foyer where it will balance the room scale nicely. Rustic carved chandelier lighting

Rustic Chandelier Lighting

This rustic hand-carved chandelier is also newly crafted. The style is so adaptable that we could see it in a Scandinavian design scheme or in the decor of someone with a taste for folk art. Picture it in a country cabin, a Farmhouse kitchen, a Boho chic boudoir... the possibilities are endless. Each of the 8 hand-carved scroll arms supports a narrow shelf with candle cups and electric candles. Charming! If you hang this or any chandelier over a dining table, allow at least 30 to 33 inches clearance above the table top. Upcycled vintage spoon chandelier Finally, those of you with eclectic taste (or a love for tea!) will enjoy this upcycled vintage spoon chandelier. It is hand-crafted by an artist using vintage silver plate spoons.  You can see how fabulous it looks in our customer spotlight about Barbara's kitchen featuring a custom-made spoon chandelier. Fun and unique, the upcycled lighting would look delightful in a breakfast nook or your cottage kitchen. I can also imagine it as an entertaining addition to a guest bedroom. It will bring a smile to any visitor's face and make them feel quite special and welcome!

Hope you enjoyed!

I hope this post has inspired you to think about chandelier lighting in a new light!  (Sorry, I couldn't resist.) So here's the Chandelier Challenge - just for fun. Describe your room or show us a picture and we'll suggest a chandelier to suit it!
rococo furniture mission style decor capodimonte chandelier chandelier vintage upcycled vintage chandelier teacup chandelier dale tiffany lamp
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