Art Nouveau Chandelier

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Art Nouveau Chandelier

Today I want to tell you a story about a client who bought an Art Nouveau chandelier from us. I am always delighted and grateful when people send us photos for our spotlights on customers’ homes showing the furniture they have purchased from EuroLux Antiques. I don't think we've had a spotlight on an Art Nouveau chandelier until Gary sent us some photos!

Gary P. lives in Cary, NC, and he is a very nice guy with wonderful taste. He is a commercial pilot and he flies all over the world. He always tries to find antique shops to visit wherever he lands. When Gary was in Rome, Italy, he found a handsome antique chandelier in a little shop, but the antique dealer wouldn't negotiate the very expensive price.

Art Nouveau chandelier

The Art Nouveau chandelier Gary found at EuroLuxHome.com

Gary spent a little time researching antique chandeliers online and found our website at EuroLuxHome.com. As we are in South Carolina, Gary was delighted that we were within driving distance, so he decided to make a road trip with his good friend Kathryn. Gary relies upon Kathryn's good design advice. Isn't it great when you can trust a friend's taste like that and know that it will match your own?

Gary was impressed with our wide selection of antique and vintage chandeliers and was also happy that our prices weren't anywhere close to those pricey fixtures in Rome - although he insisted our quality was just as top-notch.

Art Nouveau Chandelier from EuroLuxHome.com Kathryn was the first to spot this outstanding Art Nouveau chandelier in alabaster. She thought it would be perfect for Gary's dining room and he agreed. Here it is in Gary's home. In his email, Gary said he thought the Art Nouveau chandelier looked terrific. It really does, doesn't it? I think the dining room has a nice Italian or Mediterranean look with the elegant lemony yellow walls. The white trim around the open archway adds to the classical effect. "Thank you so much," wrote Gary. "With Kathryn's assistance and good decorating taste, the dining room continues to evolve."

We'd love to see more photos of the dining room as it evolves. Meanwhile I'm sending a big "thank you" to Gary P. for sharing the photo of the Art Nouveau chandelier in its new home.

If you are a fan of the Art Nouveau style, you can see all our Art Nouveau furniture and decorative home accents here. Or just check out all our vintage and antique lighting and chandeliers in many styles.

art nouveau decor chandelier vintage
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