Teacup and Spoon Chandelier

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Teacup and Spoon Chandelier
Barbara E. in Cambridge, MA, sent us some wonderful photos of her kitchen with the charming teacup and spoon chandelier that she ordered from us. Barbara said: "I love the chandelier and get many, many compliments on it." Let's take a look and see why the custom-made spoon chandelier is so popular in Barbara's kitchen! Teacup and spoon chandelierThis is the silver spoon chandelier that we offer in the gallery. It is hand-crafted for us by an artisan who uses vintage silver plate spoons for his amazing creation. The spoons are bent into handles - so in fact you can hang any collectibles you want from it. Teacups look exceptionally pretty. Because each spoon chandelier is made-to-order, no two are exactly alike. And if you wish, you can also customize it, which is exactly what Barbara did! Upcycled spoon chandelier

Spoon Chandelier in the Kitchen

Here is the teacup and spoon chandelier hanging in Barbara's kitchen. Barbara ordered the chandelier to be modified so it only has one tier of spoons rather than two.The unusual design creates a nice cozy vintage mood, and I bet it's a conversation-starter when guests visit.

Kitchen with spoon chandelier

This bigger view shows how the teacup and spoon chandelier works so beautifully in Barbara's kitchen. Someone with a less keen eye than Barbara might worry that the old-fashioned style of the spoon chandelier would clash with the more modern light fixtures. But in fact it all lives very happily together, perhaps because the silver plate spoons blend nicely with the other silver-tone lights. Barbara is obviously one of our many design-wise customers who are confident enough to mix eclectic decor elements and create their own unique style - a smashing success in my book! vintage spoon chandelier in the kitchen It all looks just as gorgeous in the daytime. What an inviting space, opening out into the living area. I love the marble top counter and especially the vintage feel of the farmhouse sink and open shelves stacked with bowls. I hope that the teacup and spoon chandelier gives Barbara a smile as she works over the sink. It certainly inspires the cheerful feeling that any time is tea time! A Spoondelier!High style upcycled chandelier crafted with 360 vintage silverplate spoons. EuroLuxHome.com

Can't go wrong with a custom chandelier!

The custom-made chandelier is part of the whole upcycling trend where artisans take vintage objects and refashion them into something new and beautiful. We have many different upcycled light fixtures in the gallery for you to browse.  I've also posted before on this blog about upcycled decor - like this client spotlight on an upcycled chandelier we provided to a restaurant, created out of a whole vintage tea service. We're fans of upcycling because it combines craftsmanship and originality and gives new life to objects that might otherwise be discarded. It also creates a sense of authenticity in home decor. So thanks Barbara for sharing your photos of how you display your teacup and spoon chandelier in your lovely kitchen. I know we all want to come round for a cup of tea later! For more information on chandeliers and chandelier styles, check out our guide here.
repurposing antiques chandelier vintage upcycled vintage chandelier teacup chandelier antique kitchenware
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