Mid-Century Modern: Retro Comfort and Streamlined Style

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Mid-Century Modern: Retro Comfort and Streamlined Style

Theodore Alexander Mid-Century Modern Table TA-2751The popularity of Mid-Century Modern furniture and home decor style seems to grow every day. Maybe it's because it is so easy to live with. Younger generations of home owners have adopted the look with great enthusiasm. Especially if they have watched the TV series Mad Men which promoted the sophistication and optimism of the interior design style. Clean lines and retro luxury make this style a perfect fit for your 20th century inspired living room or dining room.

Mid-Century Modern Luxury

Other customers who remember the look the first time around from their parents’ or grandparents’ homes find comfort in Mid-Mod as it evokes a sense of nostalgia and stability. This new Theodore Alexander Keno Bros. occasional table with gorgeous rosewood veneers is a typical example.

Mid-Century Modern design dates to exactly the period implied in the name. It draws on the era from the end of World War II in 1945 through the early 1970s. Of course, this was a period of great change socially and in design and manufacturing. The streamlined profiles of furniture in this period reflects the reaction against the old society and the exciting possibilities of the new! The excitement of the space age and airplane travel were part of the buoyant and forward-thinking mood. This new light washed oak and leather Jonathan Charles Mid-Century Modern chest looks like it is about to rocket to the moon!

Jonathan Charles Mid Century Modern Chest JC-3649Mid-Century Modern furniture and home accessories were designed with pared-down shapes and organic and ergonomic forms. The streamlined straight, angled, and gently curved shapes avoided any ornate decoration. Surface embellishments or other ornamental flourishes are not a part of this look. The design interest purely came from strong silhouettes, interesting materials and often quite bold colors. From side tables to sideboards, nightstands to seats with upholstery, this style brings a lovely modern look.

Theodore Alexander Keno Bros Panel Screen TA-2718

Geometric Furniture Design

Geometrics were important and they gave a graphic punch. They could be used as a shape for furniture or as a decorative print on textiles. This stunning new Theodore Alexander Keno Bros. panel screen is a terrific example.

Theodore Alexander Keno Bros Lamp TA-2711Check out this new stainless steel and walnut veneer Mid-Century Modern style floor lamp by Theodore Alexander and the Keno Brothers. See what we mean?

Materials combine natural woods such as teak with the new materials that the latest technology provided, such as Lucite, plastic, and molded fiberglass and plywood, Ground-breaking furniture designers in the Mid-Century Modern style include Ray and Charles Eames. George Nelson, Eero Saarinen, and Isamu Noguchi.

Other furniture pieces in this style include dining tables, coffee tables, accent chairs, dining chairs, lounge chairs, and more! Each of these pieces is sure to make interior designers blush. These mid-century modern pieces are perfect for any room for modern living, whether you're looking to add modern decor to your living room or home office. Truly elite craftsmanship/ 

The new pieces in Mid-Century Modern style in our online furniture store show the finest design of this type. You might especially like to check out the full Theodore Alexander Keno Brothers collection of Mid-Century Modern styles designed in partnership with the antiques celebrities, the Keno Brothers.

mid-century modern jonathan charles fine furniture theodore alexander vintage style floor lamps antique chest of drawers chandelier vintage
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