Rococo Chest of Drawers

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Rococo Chest of Drawers

This elegant Rococo chest of drawers will complement any decor and exemplify the outstanding decorative appeal of genuine French furniture. The ancient French chest of drawers, which comes from the 1930s and is far too beautiful to be stashed away in a bedroom, will look fantastic in a living room or corridor. It is composed of burled mahogany wood and has a pink marble top. The visual appeal of the two drawers is enhanced by beautiful banding. The chest of drawers' genuine show-stoppers, though, are the brass decorations that emphasize the wood. The beautiful lady brass design is a visual delight. To see a video of this piece, check out our youtube video on it here.

a handle on a rococo chest of drawers

Rococo Design: Ornate and Extravagant

Ornate brass accents adorn the tops of the curved cabriole legs at the front of the chest. The little figures on the drawer handles, as well as the brass head on the chest apron, show excellent details. With a sensuous and luxurious appeal that would improve any design, this is the epitome of Rococo extravagance. The traditional Rococo French chest of drawers offers both efficient storage and beautiful good aesthetics, making it an excellent choice for any traditional French design scheme.

Curves, curves, curves!

On walls, ceilings, and moldings, the Rococo style included elaborate interlacings of curves and countercurves based on the fundamental shapes of the "C" and "S," as well as shell patterns and other natural shapes. Asymmetrical design was the rule. Light pastels, ivory white, and gold were the primary hues, and Rococo decorators commonly used mirrors to emphasize the feeling of open space. It is distinguished by its lightness, grace, and enthusiastic use of curved natural shapes in decorating. Rococo is derived from the French word rocaille, which refers to shell-covered rockwork used to decorate artificial grottoes. To see more furniture with good curves, check out our post here!

the marble top of a chest of drawers

Rococo and more at EuroLuxHome.com

One of our favorite ancient French home design styles is antique Rococo. We have a large range of styles at EuroLuxHome.com. These range from inlaid Art Deco pieces to Louis XVI and Louis XV style pieces with marquetry. Perhaps your home requires a dresser or commode cabinet. Perhaps a late-nineteenth-century Regency piece would be a stylish addition to your home. We specialize in late 19th century antique French furniture, but have plenty of mid-20th century and modern furniture as well. One thing is sure: our interior design choices can provide style to your home. EuroLux has the right items for you, regardless of your preferences.

rococo furniture | antique marble top server | antique beds | louis xv furniture
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