Transitional Furniture: The Best of Both Worlds

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Transitional Furniture: The Best of Both Worlds

One of the most popular and versatile interior decor styles, the Transitional style is elegant and harmonious, drawing on the best of both traditional decor and contemporary looks. This school of design offers both the warmth and classic appeal of traditional homes, but updates the look with contemporary clean lines. Transitional furniture can be a great fit in your contemporary style living room. This style features clean lines that are sure to enhance your home decor. Transitional spaces are a sight to behold, so consider adding one to your interior design. Just imagine how lovely your transitional living room will look with some of these transitional design pieces. 

Alden Parkes Transitional Dining ChairStreamlined silhouettes and gentle curves create a sophisticated atmosphere. They strike a nice balance between casual and formal, masculine and feminine. That's why this style is so popular among interior designers. Traditional design room ideas are almost limitless, making it one of the most versatile stylings. Quality craftsmanship and straight lines makes this decorating style  sleek and attractive.

Transitional Chairs, Tables, and More

Furniture such as chairs, tables and sideboards will feel familiar and comfortable. The profile, finishes and upholstery will be pared down to give that contemporary edge. This design style is the perfect blend of old and new, which is why we love the contemporary design of transitional decorating.

The furniture will create interest through the use of high-quality materials and crisp and strong design, like this Alden Parkes dining chair in our online store and the San Maria white Transitional console below.

San Maria Console Transitional
There are no fancy curlicues and frilly or ornate carvings and embellishments in the Transitional style!

The color palette tends to be neutral, including cream, taupes and browns, gray, and grayed out greens and blues. Monochromatic color schemes are tonally layered to create interest without visual clutter.

Jonathan Charles Wine TableThe understated effect might be given a hint of color with a few artworks or accessories, such as a bold jewel color or a tangy citrus tone or a pretty pastel on a throw pillow, lamps, or vase. But this is kept to the minimum rather than having many pops of color punctuating the space.

This bold red Jonathan Charles wine table is a perfect example of Transitional style.

Furniture Classics Bar StoolTextiles and upholstery are usually a solid color or very subtle design, rather than a big or fussy pattern. The design interest comes from textures!

Transitional Furniture: A Modern Blend

Fabrics for upholstery and soft furnishings often combine textures including natural fabrics, slubbed linens and coarse weaves, and the mixture of matte and shiny surfaces. In this way, though the neutral colors might be the same, the effect is layered. This creates a lot of depth and an inviting mood.

This Furniture Classics bar stool with a chocolate brown weave is a perfect example of the textured neutral look.

Displays of ornaments and artwork treasures are usually fairly restrained, with a well-edited display of a few pieces that serve as focal points, rather than the more traditional approach of displaying a lot of pieces across many surfaces.

Strong, simple and serene are the watchwords for this light and easy Transitional decor style. We have many beautiful pieces of high-quality Transitional style furniture and home accessories in our online store, so browse around and get inspired!

Do you like Transitional style? Leave a comment in the comment box and tell us about your Transitional style decor! Traditional style decorating ideas bring some of the highest quality contemporary furniture on the market. Whether you're looking for chandeliers, coffee tables, dining tables, side tables and more, EuroLuxHome.com has you covered.

vintage tv console antique dining chairs jonathan charles fine furniture antique reproductions transitional decor meaning interior design
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