Vintage Rococo Chandelier

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Vintage Rococo Chandelier
As it is so very cold in many parts of the country right now, I hope that the photos of this vintage Rococo chandelier in its new home will add a little warm glow to your day! Lighting is important, whether it's a crystal chandelier, sconces, candelabras, other ceiling lighting or floor lamps. In this mid-winter time of long dark nights, a chandelier is especially lovely to bring a little sparkle into your decor. For more information on chandelier styles, check out our guide here. Rococo chandelierOur client Gail L. in Denver, Colorado, recently purchased this fabulous vintage French Rococo style chandelier from us. Dating to around 1950, this piece features a beautiful cast metal vase-shaped body with a pretty shell motif. An ornate leaf design adorns the arms, which are tipped with precision cut, crystal glass light bulbs that shine over your interior design. Gail hung the 7-light chandelier in her dining room and kindly sent us some photographs, saying ""Received the beautiful chandelier today! Love it." We love how it looks in her home too. As you can see, the 8-arm chandelier looks most impressive over Gail's dining table. It is nearly 24 inches wide by 16 inches high so it fills the space nicely, complementing the scale and style of the large display cabinet and lavish drapes. rococo chandelier in dining room The brass tone finish on the vintage metal chandelier gives a warm glow against the wood cabinet, while the swirling Rococo chandelier style adds a luxurious flourish. The chandelier has a decorative ceiling cap or canopy and the round ceiling medallion is an extra nice touch. It looks like white plaster and Gail's choice to hang the light fixture from the center of the medallion adds to the air of authenticity.

Vintage rococo chandelier dining room

Gail has created such a delightful dining room. Every detail enhances the traditional style and sense of welcome. I love the wall clock and the prettily decorated china cabinet at the right of the photo. I imagine that the large rectangular framed mirror also reflects more light into the room, and perhaps even the eight twinkling electric candles on the chandelier!

Christmas treet

To add to our feast of lights, Gail also sent us this photo of her Christmas tree to share with you. It is so graceful and magical with its scattering of delicate white lights. Clearly Gail knows how to make the maximum use of lights in her decor to create an enticing and cozy atmosphere.

Thanks to Gail for sending photos of her lovely home - we hope the Rococo chandelier brings her the blessing of a very sparkly 2014!  We've got all sorts of chandeliers available for your ceiling light needs, from rustic iron to cut crystal, from victorian to wrought iron, and much much more. Our collection also includes other lighting options including table lamps. If you want to create a similar look in your own home, you can see more vintage chandeliers in our gallery at this link.   

french antique furniture rococo furniture chandelier vintage repic
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