What is the Renaissance Henry II Style of Antique Furniture?

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What is the Renaissance Henry II Style of Antique Furniture?

If you are looking for a handsome carved antique buffet or dining chairs for your traditional dining room or great room, then you will definitely want to know about the Renaissance Henry II style of antique furniture. You can also check out some regal Renaissance Henry II furniture for sale on our website.

The Henry II style of antique furniture was influential for much longer than the brief twelve year reign of this King of France from 1547 to his death in 1559. This important furniture style lasted through the reigns of five French monarchs. But the antique Henry II furniture we sell today in this style actually dates to the Renaissance Revival period in the late 19th century, when this very traditional look returned to favor.

Antique Henry II Dining ChairsFurniture in the Henry II style displays the values and aesthetics of the Renaissance, which means rebirth. This rebirth of classical arts and philosophies of ancient Rome and Greece arose in Italy in the 15th century and spread across Europe, influencing architecture and the decorative arts.

Typical decorative details evoked Greek and Roman mythology and architecture, with an emphasis on classical symmetry. You can see the symmetry in these lovely antique Renaissance Henry II style dining chairs crafted in wood and dating to 1900.

Furniture is also adorned with carved arches and columns, stately pediments and attractive finials. Figurative carvings include male and female figures, faces and heads. For example, this gorgeous antique French Renaissance Henry II sideboard or server boasts a crowned Queen carved at the top.

Antique French buffets or servers in the Henry II style are often crafted in beautiful oak or walnut wood, with a rich patina from more than a century of age. The typical buffet will boast columns and spindles, including spindled galleries to serve as plate racks. However, there are many varieties of decorative designs on these unusual pieces.

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The furniture also was influenced by the Hunting style, which was led by the French fashion to furnish hunting lodges and chateaux with furniture carved with images of rural life.

Creative antique decor: antique French nightstand in the kitchenHere are some piece of furniture in this style that customers have bought from us. They sent us some wonderful photos showing the furniture in their homes for our customer spotlights.

Our customer Kathleen in Oklahoma bought this French antique nightstand in the Henry II style and she made the clever decision to use it as a kitchen cabinet, providing extra storage and display space.  The geometric walnut marquetry and lovely turned legs are nicely set off by the gray marble top and it looks terrific in her kitchen! See more photos and Kathleen's full story here.

Henry II style buffets often have bas-relief figures or scenes on the doors. This is a great example, from our client spotlight: Renaissance Chairs and Buffet in Chateau Home, Illinois.

Bob H. in Prairie Grove, Illinois, bought this buffet for his French Renaissance chateau style home. The beautiful buffet is carved with a knight on horseback on the doors. Bob decorated the marble top with a vintage porcelain figure of an apothecary and antique mortar and pestle sets. Can you guess he worked as a pharmacist?

Henry II Dining Chairs

Iris in Texas bought these oak Henry II dining chairs from us, featuring carvings of birds, and a pair of lions gazing out from the finials. The attractive brass handles are also typical of this style. Renaissance Henry II style antique furniture is all elegant and classically appealing, showing the high quality taste of kings! Whether you choose a bookcase, dining table, chair with upholstery, or any other piece in this style featuring Renaissance style ornamentation, you are sure to be impressed by its design.

antique server french antique furniture antique buffet antique sideboard hunting furniture antique dining chairs renaissance furniture antique nightstands
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